Validity of the Hygiene Passport

The Food Act regulates hygiene proficiency. According to the act the Hygiene Passport (proficiency certificate) is valid until further notice. “Until further notice” means that the Hygiene Passport is valid until the situation may be changed by for example a law change, and a certain period of validity may potentially be set for the Hygiene Passport.

The Hygiene Passport is valid until further notice from the moment it was issued. The date it was issued is the same as the date of the test.

If both parts of the Hygiene Passport are lost and the Hygiene Passport Examiner who issued the original Hygiene Passport does not have the test form archived, the Examiner cannot issue a new Hygiene Passport.

If the Hygiene Passport was granted based on a qualification or education, the date it was issued is the date when the Examiner put in the order. The Hygiene Passport will not be issued on the basis of a suitable food qualification or education as of 1 January 2020 (Food Act 297/2021). All persons working in the food premises and handling unpackaged easily perishable food there must pass a Hygiene Passport test in order to have a hygiene pass. Untill 31.12.2019, Hygiene Passports issued on the basis of qualifications or education are valid if the Hygiene Passport is still in safe. If both parts of the Hygiene Passport, both the card and the paper certificate, are lost or the name has changed, the Hygiene Passport test must be passed successfully in order to have a new Hygiene Passport.

Page last updated 4/21/2021