Is a person working at the check-out in a food shop required to have a Hygiene Passport?

No, not if the duties don't include handling of unpackaged, perishable foodstuffs, such as for example serving customers at the meat or fish counter in addition to working at the check-out.

Is a person who works in the fruit/vegetable department in a food shop required to have a Hygiene Passport?

  • Yes, if the employees process further, that is peel, chop or package peeled/chopped vegetables, fruit, berries or mushrooms. When vegetables are peeled or chopped, their shelf life is considerably reduced. 
  • No, if the employees prepare vegetables for sale, such as for example cutting vegetables into smaller pieces (for example halving cabbage). This is not handling of unpackaged, perishable foodstuffs.

Is a person who works at the manual (deli) counter required to have a Hygiene Passport?

Yes, if they handle unpackaged, perishable foodstuffs (deli counters holding cold cuts, fish, meat et cetera).  A Hygiene Passport is not needed if a person works for example in an area where bakery products which are not easily perishable are baked and sold (for example sweet buns, rolls, bread).

Do in-store food demonstrators need a Hygiene Passport? 

Yes, if they work on food premises and handle unpackaged, perishable foodstuffs while working on those premises. They may for example cook food and, in conjunction with the cooking, handle raw meat, fish or poultry meat and give out the product to the customer to eat straight away, or package it in order to sell it, or chop for example vegetables and package them for sale.

Page last updated 7/1/2019