Contact food control authority

  • Do you want to ask questions or give feedback about food?
  • Do you want to file a complaint about hygiene or food labelling at a grocery store, or do you suspect you have contracted food poisoning at a restaurant?
  • Are you thinking about starting a food company of your own, or do you as an entrepreneur have questions about food legislation? 
  • Have you noticed misleading marketing of foodstuffs?

 If you bought a defective product, give feedback directly to the store where you bought it or to the manufacturer. In serious cases, please contact your local food control authority (health inspector). Municipal food control authorities carry out inspections of food premises, labelling and food hygiene. Municipal health inspectors can answer your questions and deal with any deficiencies. 

For contact information of your local food control authority, please select your municipality or joint municipal authority from the following list. You can also send your feedback directly to local food control authority in your municipality. The information is provided in Finnish or Swedish. 

Page last updated 1/26/2022