Exports to countries outside the EU

The Food Authority promotes exports from Finland of products in the food chain to countries outside the EU. Our export activities are divided into two roles: enabling new exports and securing existing exports.

The Food Authority does not issue export permits for different countries of destination. The authority of the country of destination has the powers to decide what products manufactured in which country and by what company can be sold and marketed in the country – and under what conditions. Artificial barriers to trade are prohibited and in contravention with the agreements of the World Trade Organisation WTO.

On this page you can find information about the commercial export of food chain products, plants and wood. Information for a private traveller can be found on our Travel page. In the instructions and restrictions on passenger exporting, you can find information on the customs website of the destination country. For help travelling with a pet, you can find instructions on our Personal Customers website.

Page last updated 5/12/2023