Import and export

The requirements on imports and exports fall mainly into two categories.

EU member country or non-EU country?

  • Trade within the internal market is import or export between another EU member country (for some products also Norway or Switzerland). In the internal market the products move freely between the countries – but there are exceptions!
  • The actual import and export trade is carried out with countries outside the EU. The country of destination always defines the requirements for the products to be imported.

What is to be imported or exported?

  • The requirements for import and export vary depending on the country and the product. The import/export requirements for animals, food and plant products may be very different depending on the country of destination.
  • By these requirements the country of destination wants to ensure the safety of the product and to stop the spread of animal and plant diseases. The requirements can change quickly if there is an outbreak of an animal or plant disease.
  • The Food Authority controls the imports of plants, animals and products of animal origin. Customs control the import of food of non-animal origin (e.g. drinks, sweets, biscuits).

You will find more information on the requirements for the internal market, imports and exports on these pages, from the embassies or control authorities of the countries of destination.

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Page last updated 2/27/2023