The Finnish Food Authority launches its new Siilo service for standard AGRIM import certificates from 27 June 2023 onward

June 7/2023

Some agricultural products (certain commodity codes for rice, hemp, hemp seed and agriculture-based ethyl alcohol) always require an AGRIM import certificate from importing companies when these products are imported from third countries to the EU. A new e-service, Siilo, will be implemented for these standard AGRIM import certificates granted by the Finnish Food Authority from 27 June 2023 onward. From then on, companies will apply for new standard AGRIM import certificates, i.e. not related to tariff quotas, using the Siilo service. The Finnish Food Authority will use the Siilo service to grant electronic AGRIM import certificates, companies will use it to make reservations for granted AGRIM import certificates, and the Finnish Customs will use it to make customs endorsements during customs clearance. Finally, companies can submit their used AGRIM import certificates electronically to the Finnish Food Authority in the Siilo service.

A registration to the Siilo service is required before submitting the first application for an AGRIM import certificate

You can log in to the Siilo service at using the e-Identification. Before you can apply for AGRIM import certificates in the Siilo service, the company must register to the Siilo service, and the company must have adequate security. You can register a company to the Siilo service, if you are entitled to sign for the company, or if a person entitled to sign for the company has granted you representative powers in e-Authorizations. After the company is registered, you can authorize your forwarding company, for example, to manage the company’s affairs in the Siilo service. More detailed information about using the Siilo service can be found here:

Applying for new AGRIM and AGREX quota certificates, using the quota certificates and submitting them will be transferred to the Siilo service later this year

The Finnish Food Authority’s old e-service at will be used as normal for applying for AGRIM quota import certificates and AGREX quota export certificates, using the electronic certificates already in these services, and returning them to the Finnish Food Authority after use. The Siilo service will be expanded later this year for new AGRIM quota import and AGREX quota export certificate applications, as well as for using electronic quota certificates and customs endorsements, but separate information will be provided on it. Also the services for the Finnish Food Authority’s private storage aid and intervention storage will be transferred to the Siilo service in coming years, but separate information will be provided on it as well.

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