Finland's eastern border to remain closed

February 8/2024

Border crossing points on the land border between Finland and Russia will remain closed until 14 April 2024. The Government decided on the matter in it’s session on 8 February 2024. The decision extends the total closure of the eastern border by two months.

The eastern border was completely closed for passenger traffic on 28 November 2023. The Vaalimaa and Niirala border crossing points were opened in mid-December for a few days, but were soon closed again. The Vainikkala border crossing point remains open for railway freight traffic, as it is considered crucial for security of supply.

Suspension of imports of live animals and animal-derived food and products from Russia will continue due to the decision. Vaalimaa has been the only border inspection post for such imports on the eastern border. Similarly, it is not possible to export live animals, gametes and products of animal origin from Finland to Russia or through Russia to outside the EU when border crossing points are closed.

Due to the closure of the Vaalimaa border control post, transit consignments of animal origin cannot be exported via Vaalimaa as long as the border is closed.

Imports and transits of live plants and fresh plant products to Finland via the land border are also halted. Similarly, exports of plants and plant products requiring a phytosanitary certificate through closed border crossing points from Finland to Russia are halted.

More information:

Kitty Schulman, Head of Section, tel. +358 40 163 2531 (animals and products of animal origin)
Sirpa Kiviruusu, Head of Unit, tel. +358 400 920 503 (animals and products of animal origin)
Sari Haikola, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 40 687 6641 (plants and plant products)


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