Research seminar 12 February 2019: Veterinary forensic pathology - protocols and standard operating procedures – the guidelines for quality control

February 4/2019

The number of veterinary forensic pathological examinations is constantly increasing and they are an important part of the work done at the Finnish Food Authority. It is important that examinations are carried out in accordance with the guidelines.  The Finnish Food Authority is currently drafting a method for veterinary forensic pathology. The work is carried out together with the other Nordic countries.

Research Professor Marjukka Anttila explains what issues must be taken into consideration in veterinary forensic pathology examinations and what types of information is already available to support the work. The plan is to decide together with Nordic researchers what types criteria will be used and how the necropsies are carried out in order to ensure consistency.

The research seminar takes place in the lecture hall C111 in Viikki, Helsinki, Mustialankatu 3, on Tuesday 12 February 2019 at 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.
The seminar is open to everyone and there is no pre-registration.

The presentation will be given in English if there are English speaking  listeners present.


Further information:
Research Professor Marjukka Anttila
+358 50 354 4601