Scientific research is one of the Finnish Food Authority’s statutory duties, and it is linked with its duties and influence in society.

The goal of scientific research is to carry out high-level research in areas that are in accordance with the Finnish Food Authority’s strategic goals. The goals are supported by the research programme of the Finnish Food Authority.

Research results are utilised in the targeting of controls, legislative drafting, and the development of international standards and instructions, as well as in risk assessments and in various lines of business, including agriculture, the food industry and improving animal welfare.

The Finnish Food Authority’s research programme includes three broader, interrelated priorities that serve the Finnish Food Authority’s strategic effectiveness goals.

  • Human, animal and plant healt
  • Food safety
  • Food production and vitality of rural areas

The research projects and risk assessment projects are linked to these areas.

Scientific research information policy

The Finnish Food Authority’s scientific research information policy outlines how the Food Authority processes, manages, distributes and publishes the data and results of research projects.

Our aim is that our materials and results are available and accessible, while taking into account any restrictions. This policy applies to research and development projects that are externally financed or based on cooperation agreements. A separate policy will be outlined for materials arising out of our official and expert duties

Scientific research is networked

The Finnish Food Authority participates in joint research projects with other research institutes. The most important Finnish partners in cooperation include universities and sectoral research institutes, especially the Tulanet consortium. The Finnish Food Authority is also involved in international research networks, where the partners include universities as well as research institutes and laboratories in the field.

Ethics of Scientific Research

Scientific research follows responsible conduct of research, and it is ethically acceptable, reliable, and produces credible results. 

The contact person for the Finnish Food Authority’s ethics of scientific research and the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity (TENK) is Research Professor Antti Oksanen, with whom you can discuss issues related to research ethics and good scientific practice.

Research Council

The Research Council is tasked with promoting all scientific research activities related to the Finnish Food Authority’s fields of operation. The Council’s term of office is from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2022 and it generally convenes once a year.

News about scientific research

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