Antimicrobial resistance and residues on cattle farms – effects on the environment and health (NAMI)


The project examines how antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, resistance genes and antimicrobials, including their metabolites, spread in Finnish conditions from medicated cows via the manure chain into the farm environment and further into the surrounding environment. The study combines food safety and environmental perspectives. The study forms a starting point for research on the topic in Finland and acts as a framework for establishing the basic knowledge required for the assessment and control of risks related to antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance in domestic animals.


  • Examine, on the farm scale, the status of antimicrobial resistance in a dairy farm and the possible spread of resistance and antimicrobials in the manure chain.
  • Establish, on the laboratory scale, the spread and effects of antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobials in different manure-handling methods.
  • Compile information for the assessment of the risks posed to humans, animals and the environment and the methods used to control the risks.


antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial residues, manure chain, cattle

Responsible project leader:

Myllyniemi, Anna-Liisa, Head of Unit, Finnish Food Authority, Microbiology Unit

Person at Finnish Food Authority responsible for the project:

Myllyniemi, Anna-Liisa, Head of Unit, Microbiology Unit  

In cooperation with:

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke);
Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE);
Finnish Food Athority: Risk Assessment Unit, Chemistry Unit

Project status:

In progress  

Year of commencement:


Year of completion:



Cheung, S. M., Tuominen, P., Nummela, M., Raatikainen, M., Suomi, J.,
Myllyniemi, A.-L., Nykäsenoja, S., Hartonen, M., Koivisto, P., Loivamaa, I.,
Luostarinen, S., Ervasti, S., Lidauer, P., Grönroos, J.
Antimicrobial Resistance and Residues on Cattle Farms -Effects on the
Environment and Health (NAMI).
Finnish Risk Assessment in Focus, 19.5.2017 Helsinki.

Project financed by: 

Agriculture and Forestry Development Fund Makera (1769/312/2014);
Finnish Food Authority;

Finnish Food Authority project code:

080Y-000034 NAMI

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