The purpose of the project is to develop a method for the determination of the metabolites of so-called conjugated mould toxins and mycotoxins in milk and powdered milk. It is important to establish the possible occurrence of conjugated mycotoxins in milk, because they can be converted in the human digestive system through hydrolysis to products of high toxicity. There are very little research data available on conjugated mycotoxins in milk, but some data imply the possibility of the occurrence of conjugated mycotoxins in milk.


conjugated mycotoxins, mass spectrometry, powdered milk

Responsible project leader:

Peltonen, Kimmo, Professor, Evira, Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit

Person at Evira responsible for the project:

Peltonen, Kimmo, Professor, Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit

Contact persons at Evira:

Peltonen, Kimmo, Professor,  Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit;
Jestoi, Marika, Senior Researcher,  Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit

In cooperation with:

Institute of Animal Nutrition, Federal Agricultural Research Centre Braunschweig, Germany

Project status:


Year of commencement:


Year of completion:


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