Legionella in growing media (LegiGrow)


  • The objective of this research project is to promote the development of safe growing media and through this, the safe utilisation of side streams in the recycling of nutrients.
  • By controlling the risks related to recycling, it is possible to safely improve the circulation of organic matter in agriculture and horticulture and thus reduce loss and waste.
  • The results from this project enable the evaluation and guidance of the use of various side streams as recycled nutrients, as well as the evaluation and development of legislation within this sector.
  • At best, it will be possible to prevent serious, life-threatening illnesses by knowing how to make products in a safer way and by offering safer recycled products for professionals and consumers.

The project is continuation to the Legisafe2 project (in the RAKI2 programme) that started in 2018 and is funded by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment.

For instance, the methods for detecting legionella bacteria from recycled fertilisers was developed in Legisafe2 project.

Key words:

Legionella bacteria, culture media, recycled fertilisers

Responsible project leader:

Liisa Maunuksela, PhD, Research Director, Finnish Food Authority

Person at Finnish Food Authority responsible for the project:

 Liisa Maunuksela, PhD, Research Director

In cooperation with:

National Institute for Helath and Welfare THL;
businesses within the sector

Project status:

In progress

Year of commencement:


Year of completion:


Project financed by:

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


Page last updated 7/3/2019