New emerging mycotoxins and secondary metabolites in toxigenic fungi of Northern Europe


The purpose of the research project is to collate research to be carried out on fungi (especially Fusarium spp.) and mycotoxins in Northern Europe in order to achieve synergy benefits and research efficiency. The research network is multidisciplinary covering for example mycology, plant pathology, biochemistry, toxicology, molecular genetics and chemistry. In the project is highlighted the specific situation in Northern Europe with fungi and the toxins they produce, and that enables a fast exchange of information, e.g. by means of researcher visits and regular networking seminars.


mycotoxins, Fusarium spp., fungi

Responsible project leader:

Yli-Mattila, Taopani, Ph.D., University of Turku

Person at Evira responsible for the project:

Jestoi, Marika, Senior Researcher, Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit


Kokkonen, Meri, Chemist, Evira, Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit;
Jonsson, Martina, Researcher, Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit

In cooperation with:

BioCentrum-DTU (DEN);
University of Copenhagen (DEN);
University of Turku, Veterinærinstitutte (NOR);
Bioforsk (NOR);
All-Russian Plant Protection Institute-VIZR (RUS);
Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet (SWE);
Livsmedelsverket (SWE);
United States Department of Agriculture

Project status:


Year of commencement:


Year of completion:



Kokkonen, M., Jestoi, M., Laitila, A.
Mycotoxin production of Fusarium langsethiae and Fusarium sporotrichioides on cereal-based substrates.
Mycotoxin Research 2012: Vol. 28, No. 1, pp. 25-35.

Project is financed by:

Nordic Research Board (NordForsk)

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