Trans fatty acids in light products


The project will develop a GC/MS method for studying the fatty acid profile of food. The objective is to investigate whether reductions of fat contents of products affect their fatty acid profile.


The current GC method for fatty acids will be validated for a new detection technique (FID → MS). Light products of various fat contents will be collected at markets and then analyzed. In a first phase, cheeses will be analyzed, then spreads, and cream analogues. The fatty acid profile of light products will be compared with that of products of normal fat content. Objects also are at the same time to develop the method of analysis such as to have as much gain from this detection technique as possible. The second developmental object for the analysis method is to make determination of trans fatty acids more specific.

Key words:

cheese, light product, fatty acid composition, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry

Responsible project leader:

Peltonen, Kimmo, Professori,Evira, Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit

Person at Evira responsible for the project:

Ritvanen, Tiina, Researcher, Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit

In cooperation with:

University of Helsinki

Research group:

Tiina Putkonen, Senior Researcher, Evira, Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit;
Tapani Alatossava, Professor, University of Helsinki;
Anna-Maija Lampi, Docent, University of Helsinki

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