Restaurants to close nationwide

The Act on Accommodation and Restaurant Services has been amended temporarily. Customer premises in restaurants will be closed in areas where this is necessary to prevent the spread of the epidemic from 4 April 2020 until 31 May 2020. The Government has decreed that customer premises will be closed in restaurants nationwide.

To-go sales of ready meals to customers and food courier service providers from the restaurant premises will still be permitted. (31 March 2020)

Staff canteens and workplace cafeterias allowed to stay open

The law does not apply to staff canteens where customers consist only of the employees of a company, foundation or institution or which otherwise restrict customers to a specific group of people. These types of restaurants include canteens at daycares, schools, hospitals and prisons and workplace cafeterias at industrial plants, for example.

Staff canteens do not include public lunch restaurants open to everyone, only canteens and cafeterias open only to the employees of a specific workplace.                        

(Updated 3 April 2020) When dining at a restaurant referred to above, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) general instructions on preventing infection must be followed.

  • Remind members of staff to wash hands carefully before meals
  • Place hand sanitizer dispensers at the start of buffet lines where possible
  • Where possible, organise staggered meal times and remind staff members of a safe social distance
  • Where possible, switch from self-service to portions served by the restaurant’s staff
  • In self-service buffets, replace or wash utensils with increased frequency or use disposable utensils where possible
  • Clean any surfaces that customers touch (including condiment shakers, butter knives, etc) with increased frequency
  • Patrons should keep as much distance as possible when dining 
Page last updated 4/9/2020