For intra EU-trade operators of food of animal origin

Basic instructions for the operators are:

  1. The operator must report the commencement of operations or a significant change in operations to the local food control authorities no later than four weeks prior to the commencement or change of operations.   
  2. The operator must consider the requirements of in-house control. With In-house control (own-check), the food business operators themselves control the quality and safety of foodstuffs as well as the appropriate conditions of the facilities.
  3. Foodstuffs of animal origin are only allowed to be received from EU-approved establishment. See: Approved establishments in EU-countries and
    Approved establishments in the countries outside EU.
  4. The foodstuffs of animal origin received must be checked at arrival as well as the accompanying documents. The accompanying documents must be available for official controls any time at the address stated in the report of commencing.
  5. Every shipment of raw fresh and frozen pork, beef and poultry meat must be accompanied by a commercial document according to Commission Regulation 1688/2005 Annex IV about salmonella guarantees and a laboratory result of negative salmonella testing. In addition to this the operator must conduct an in-house salmonella testing according to a plan based on risk assessment.

Requirement of salmonella examination does not concern

  • consignments from Sweden or Norway,
  • broiler meat or eggs from Denmark or Iceland,
  • turkey meat from Iceland.

However, all these must be accompanied by routine trade documents.

Page last updated 10/29/2020