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Do you need advice on the requirements of the authorities on the export? You can contact our e-mail addresses directly on the subject in question or leave a message on our general advice e-mail address for exports  – we will make sure that your message is forwarded to the right entity. Also follow us on Twitter: @Export_team.

You can find information on the instructions and restrictions regarding the souvenir export of private travelers on the website of the customs of the destination country. You can find instructions for traveling with a pet on our Export of pets outside the EU page.

General export advice

Food, animals, feed, by-products and germinal products

Country-specific advice on the commercial export of food, animals, feed, by-products and gametes outside the EU.

Head of Export Section

Country-specific export advice

Ecert and export of pets

Plants and timber

General export information for businesses and inspectors: 

AGREX export licences

Advice on how to apply for an AGREX export licence:

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