Pets traveling with refugees from Ukraine with their pets under force majeure circumstances

When caring for animals, the Finnish Animal Protection Act must be followed

Доглядаючи за тваринами, необхідно дотримуватись Закону Фінляндії про захист тварин

Under these exceptional circumstances, pets traveling with their owners from Ukraine or under force majeure circumstances from Russia are authorized to enter Finland without prior application or permit. This exception does not apply to citizens of Russia and Belarus

Register with Customs immediately at the Finnish border. You can get more information at the border crossing from the Finnish Immigration Service, the Police and the Border Guard.

If your dog has not treated against Echinococcus multilocularis -tapeworm before entering Finland, the customs officer will provide you the treatment tablet for you to give to your dog under customs supervision. Collect the dog’s feces for 24 hours and disposed it as general waste.

Contact a local veterinarian within 3 days after arriving in Finland. If your dog, cat, or ferret does not have a microchip and / or does not have a rabies vaccination, the veterinarian will place a microchip on the pet and vaccinate the pet against rabies. The veterinarian will also take a blood sample to determine antibodies to rabies. These procedures will be performed at no charge to pets of Ukrainian refugees.

You need to keep your pet isolated from other animals and humans for 90 days after vaccination. The isolation time is 90 days also when the vaccination has been given before entering Finland. Contact with other animals and humans should be minimized. Pets can be walked on a leash during isolation.

The animals may spend the isolation period in private accommodation or in a reception center that allows pets.  The Finnish Food Authority may prolong the isolation period.

Instructions on isolation of pets after arrival to Finland 

NOTE! Animals that do not travel with their owners must fulfil import requirements: 


Page last updated 3/31/2023