Examples of food storage temperatures in restaurants

Examples of food storage temperatures in restaurants

Fresh fish and thawed prawns and shrimp, boiled crayfish and cooked clams, mussels and scallops: no more than 2 °C (Celsius)

Cold-smoked and cured fish: 0 – 3 °C

Smoked fish packaged in a protective atmosphere or vacuum: 0 – 3 °C

Minced meat and liver: at most 4 °C

Chopped vegetables and sprouts: at most 6 °C

Sushi and live clams, mussels and scallops: at most 6 °C

Milk and cream: at most 6 °C

Convenience foods, sausages, cold cuts, raw or marinated meat, cream and cheese cakes and pastries: at most 6 °C

Yoghurt, sour cream and most cheeses: at most 8 °C

Short-term deviations from these temperatures are allowed.


Examples of food storage and transport temperatures at meat cutting plants and raw meat preparation and minced meat production plant

non-poultry meat: 7 °C or below

poultry meat: 4 °C or below

organ meats: 3 °C or below

minced meat: 2 °C or below

raw meat preparations: 4 °C or below

frozen or deep-frozen meat/meat products: -18 °C or below

frozen poultry meat: -12 °C or below.

In transportations of over two hours, the vehicle must be equipped with a recording temperature control system.


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