Make an announcement of a food business or apply for an approval

When setting up a food business, please contact your location municipality already in the establishment stage. You can find the contact information and websites of your local food control authority (health inspector) through this website’s search engine. You can also send a message directly to the local food control authority in your municipality through the form in the same website. The information is provided in Finnish or Swedish.

Food establishments mean any building or premises or part thereof or other outdoor or indoor space in which food meant for sale or conveyance is prepared, stored, transported, marketed, served or otherwise handled. An online food store is also a food establishment.

Food establishments must be approved by the competent control authority before the beginning of operations or any substantial change in operations.

Register your business by either making an announcement of a food premise or applying for an approval to it

Before starting the business or significant change in the business, in general you have to either make an announcement of your business to food control authority at the location municipality or apply for an approval of your business from food control authority.

Make an announcement of your business to that municipality’s or city’s food control authority on whose area your food business starts its action. The registration form for food premise is available at the local food control authority’s website.

If your food premises handle foodstuffs of animal origin before delivering to retail sales, you need to apply for an approval of your food premises from the local food control authority. Along with the application, you need to present an own-check plan of your food business to the food control authority.

If the food business operator changes or business is interrupted or ended

You need to notify the local food control authority that controls your business without delay if the business operator changes or the business is interrupted or ended.

Page last updated 9/9/2022