Own-check plan for temperature control and monitoring

Plan the following:

  • How will you monitor the temperatures of food and its storage facilities?
  • What will you do in the event of problems with temperature control?
  • From where will you measure the temperatures?
  • How often will you take the measurements?
  • How often will you record the results?
  • What will you do if the temperature is not within the limits specified by law?

At a minimum, confirm the temperatures during these work stages

  • When accepting food deliveries
  • When handling meat
  • During cold storage and other storage
  • When heating food
  • When cooling food (both heated foods and after preparing minced meat, for example)
  • During display

If you transport food yourself, plan the following:

  • How will you ensure the safety of foodstuffs during transport?
  • What means of transport will be used?
  • How will the food be packaged for transport?
  • How long will the deliveries take?
  • How will temperatures be managed during transport?
  • What will you do in case of problems?

See this page for frequently asked questions on temperatures.

Page last updated 3/12/2019