Setting up a café or a restaurant

Would you like to set up a café, restaurant or diner? This page contains instructions on starting a restaurant business.

Take the online training course to learn how to set up a restaurant in Finland

Online course about setting up a restaurant

You can also read the instructions on setting up a restaurant from our written guide

The content of the guide is identical to that of the online training course and is divided into several sections. If you are planning to set up a restaurant, read the sections Setting up and Premises at first.

Below, you can view and print the entire guide or sections of it.

The entire guide

Sections of the guide:

Additional information and explanations of terms

Links to the additional information referred to in the guide and online training course are available here. Please note that, unfortunately, not all of the information has been translated.

Explanations for the terms underlined in the online training materials and guide can be found here.

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Alcohol licensing and retail sale of tobacco

The serving of alcoholic beverages requires a licence. You can apply for a licence from your local Regional State Administrative Agency.

The retail sale of tobacco products requires a sales permit. The permit is granted by the local municipality. For more information on how to apply for a sales permit, see the Valvira website.


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