Export of feed, by-products and fertiliser products

For your business to be able to export feed, by-products or fertiliser products to countries outside the EU, it has to be registered and when necessary approved to operate in Finland. On the registration form you should also record your intention to export. Register with the export register administered by the Food Authority if you are going to export by-products or feed or fertiliser products of animal origin.

The conditions of export depend on the country of destination and the product

The authorities in the country of destination determine the conditions for export of feed, by-products and fertilisers. The country of destination can require for example that the exported products are manufactured and stored in establishments approved by the authority of the country of destination. Sort out the conditions for export of your products well ahead of time!

The EU legislation also impacts on the export of by-products: The regulation on by-products defines by-products that are permitted for export from the EU and the TSE regulation specifies the conditions for export of protein of animal origin.

Certificates required for exports

You may need one of the following certificates depending on the country of destination and the type of feed or fertiliser product you are intending to export:

For the export of by-products you will typically need an animal health certificate issued by an official veterinarian.

We have also drawn up general templates for animal health certificates. You can suggest for them to be used for export to countries with which Finland or the EU does not have an agreed template for the product in question. General templates for animal health certificates have been drawn up for processed animal proteins (PAP), cattle hides and bone products.

Page last updated 6/23/2021