Export of food products

For your business to be able to export food to countries outside the EU, it has to be registered and when necessary approved to operate in Finland. If you are going to export food of animal origin, you will also have to register with the export register of the Food Authority.

The conditions of export depend on the country of destination and the product

The authorities in the country of destination set down the conditions for export of food products. The country of destination can require for example that the exported products are manufactured and stored in establishments approved by the authority of the country of destination. 

Sort out the conditions for export of your product well ahead of time! The animal disease situation in Finland and EU can impact the export conditions. The requirements can change quickly if there is an outbreak of animal disease.

Please note that the country of destination may have legislation which differs from EU and national legislation, for example on

  • the composition of the product and permitted raw materials
  • labelling
  • permitted nutrition claims and health claims
  • novel foods.
Page last updated 5/3/2019