Export certificates

Your export certificate ensures the authority in the country of destination that the animal or product fulfils the requirements set for the export. The requirements for export certificates vary depending on the country of destination and the product. Find out well before the export what type of certificate you will need when and from where you will get it.

Most of the certificates issued by the Finnish Food Authority or the local control authority assure the safety of the export product, but there are exceptions. For example for the export of rice and the export quota for certain milk products AGREX export licences are needed, which are part of the monitoring system for exports and imports regulated by the EU.

If the EU or Finland have agreed with the country of destination on an official model export certificate for the export of your product, then that has to be used. If there is no official certificate or it is not being negotiated, you as the exporter can, in conjunction with your importer for example, have a proposal for a certificate approved with the authorities of the country of destination. In these cases we recommend that you use the general certificates formulated by the Finnish Food Authority, if there is one available for your product.

Most common certificates by product


Live animals and germinal products

Plants and wood products

Feed and fertiliser products


Page last updated 9/19/2023