LORI Registration

Registration in the ISAMM LORI system is mandatory for all companies that plan to apply for tariff quota numbers 09.4067, 09.4068, 09.4069, 09.4211, 09.4212, 09.4213, 09.4214, 09.4215,09.4216, 09.4251, 09.4254, 09.4255, 09.4260, 09.4263, 09.4273, 09.4410, 09.4411, 09.4412, 09.4420, 09.4422 for the poultrymeat sector and for tariff quota number 09.4285 for garlic originating from China for the tariff quota period starting 1 January 2021. Applications for LORI registration must be submitted no later than two months before the month during which the operator intends to submit its licence application. In addition to LORI registration, be sure to observe other criteria (incl. a valid EORI number and the reference quantity requirement which the company must meet before applying for an import quota for poultrymeat or garlic. The reference quantity covers products released for free circulation in the Union which fall within the same tariff quota order number and have the same origin. The reference quantity requirements are described in detail in Article 9 of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/760 and in the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/761.

LORI registration process in Finland:

  1. After a company that is VAT registered in Finland has checked by consulting the EU Regulations or by contacting the Finnish Food Authority at tuovi(at)ruokavirasto.fi that it meets the requirements for LORI import quotas specified in the EU Regulations, the company requests an ECAS login from the European Commission at the address: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/agriportal/awaiportal/  (for detailed instructions, see section 2.1 of the LORI Reference Guide).
  2. After receiving the ECAS login, the company applies for access with a ISAMM LORI registration form (for detailed instructions, see section 2.2, subsections 1–9 of the LORI Reference Guide). Companies seeking LORI registration must print out the application to access the LORI registration form mentioned in section 2.2, subsection (9) of the Guide and sign the application. After this, the signed access application is scanned and emailed to paasynhallinta(at)ruokavirasto.fi (Finnish Food Authority’s Single Liaison Body). The company is notified by email once access to the LORI registration form is granted.
  3. After this, the company can proceed to fill in the LORI registration form and apply for approval of LORI registration at the address: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/agriportal/awaiportal/ . For detailed instructions, see sections 3–4 of the LORI Reference Guide. Annex I (section 8) of the Guide contains a list of possible error messages and how to solve them. After filling in the LORI registration form to be ready for submission, select Send to issuing authority. After this, contact the Finnish Food Authority at tuovi(at)ruokavirasto.fi to notify that you have submitted the LORI registration form. This is to avoid unnecessary delays in processing the registration. The Finnish Food Authority’s imports and exports team checks the LORI registration form and either approves the application or returns it to the company for corrections. If the LORI registration application is returned for corrections, the company must follow the instructions in section 4.3 of the LORI Reference Guide.  After the Finnish Food Authority has reviewed the LORI registration application and found the information to be accurate and up-to-date, the Finnish Food Authority validates the LORI registration application. After this, the Commission registers the company to the electronic LORI system. The Finnish Food Authority notifies the company by email that the LORI registration has been approved. Once registered in the LORI system, the company’s registration is valid until it is cancelled.
  4. Companies must meet reference quantity requirements before applying for LORI quotas For this reason, the company must also report its reference quantity in ISAMM LORI. Section 5.1 of the LORI Reference Guide instructs how to update the reference quantity. Before the quantity can be updated, the company must be approved in the LORI register. The company must submit proof of reference quantity (invoices, customs declarations and import licences) by email to tuovi(at)ruokavirasto.fi. After this, the Finnish Food Authority’s imports and exports team checks the information saved by the company in the LORI register and compares them with documents submitted to the Finnish Food Authority.
  5. It is possible to withdraw LORI registration. For detailed instructions on how to withdraw registration, see section 6 of the LORI Reference Guide.

At the end of each tariff quota period, the Commission publishes on its official website the names, EORI numbers and addresses of operators that, during the preceding tariff quota period, received licences for tariff quotas requiring compulsory LORI registration.

Applicants who have registered in the electronic LORI information system and who suspect that another registered operator does not meet the conditions and eligibility requirements to apply for licences for over-requested tariff quotas requiring pre-registration may lodge a complaint. In Finland, VAT-registered and LORI-registered companies can submit a complaint to the Finnish Food Authority market department. Reasoned complaints can be sent to tuovi(at)ruokavirasto.fi. The penalties for infringements of the regulation are set out in more detail in Article 15 of the delegated regulation.

Page last updated 9/14/2020