AGRIM-import licences

The import of agricultural products into the European Union may require an import licence.  

There are two types of import licences:  

  • standard import licence 
  • quota import licence.  

A standard import licence entitles and obligates the operator to import the specified amount of products. Currently, a standard import licence is required only for the import of certain rice, flax, hemp, hemp seed and agricultural ethyl alcohol goods. Read more in the Application Guide for Import and Export Licences for Agricultural Products.

The quota system provides tariff and payment alleviations when importing goods to the EU. The quotas are based on preferential agreements between the EU and other countries. An import licence for certain import licences may only be applied for by an operator that has registered in the electronic LORI information system in advance. When the quota import licence has been issued, the customer already knows about the right to import the goods under the quota when completing the customs declaration. The order number for import licence quotas begins with 094. You will find the order number of the tariff quota and the applicable duty in the DDS through Taric. Import licence securities and validity periods vary quota-specifically. Please read more information on the existing quotas in the Application Guide for Import Tariff Quotas.

Import and export licences to be required from fewer agricultural products in autumn 2017​​

When applying for an import licence, you may have to lodge a security. 

The Finnish Food Authority decides on the release or seizure of the specified security in compliance with the requirements set by the EU’s legislation on the organisation of markets. Read more about securities in the Security instructions.  

In Finland, import licences are granted by the Finnish Food Authority’s marketing department import and export team.  ​

When you apply for an import or export license for the first time: 

  1. Identify the goods’ CN code. Find out whether you need a standard licence or whether there is a tariff rate quota that entitles to alleviations. If necessary, you may consult the customs authorities to determine the right CN code. Taric consultation, Customs website.
  2. Get the EORI number from Customs. EORI on Customs website.
  3. Register as a customer to the Finnish Food Authority. 561000e - Application of registration
  4. Register as an electronic service user, i.e. the electronic import and export service. 5610271 Registration to electronic export and import licence service.Deliver a Trade Register extract to the Finnish Food Authority in connection with the registration application.
  5. Pay the required security. Payment instructions: Security instructions. With respect to standard import licences, the amount of the deposit can be found from the Application Guide and for quotas in the Application Guide for Import Tariff Quotas or by consulting us. 
  6. Apply for a licence in the electronic import and export service. Remember to put in quota number and in-quota customs duty if you are applying for a tariff rate quota. 
  7. Remember to use the licence and return it to the Finnish Food Authority after use. 

We kindly ask you to apply for AGRIM import licences in due time (e.g. 3-4 days) before the arrival of the shipment to be imported in Finland. Further processing of AGRIM import licence applications may take 2 working days from the date of submission of the application. Applications for tariff rate quotas will be processed without delay. Quotas may be subject to special rules regarding the dates of applications and issuing dates.

The Finnish Food Authority will not process import or export licence applications on national midweek holidays.

The public holidays of the European Commission in 2020 may affect the dates for lodging import licence applications and issuing import licences under certain tariff quotas concerning grain, rice and olive oil. Read more in the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/2027.

Authority responsible for issuing AGREX and AGRIM licences and extracts of licences
Finnish Food Authority / Market Department
P.O. BOX 100, FI-00027 Finnish Food Authority
Tel. +358 29 530 0400 (switch)
Email: tuovi(at)

Authority responsible for attributions and endorsements on electronic AGREX and AGRIM licences
Customs, The Electronic Service Center (SPAKE)


Tel. +358 295 5207
Email spake.feoga(at) or spake.tuonti(at)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Page last updated 10/4/2022