Plants and plant products

Traces with plants and plant products

Each import consignment for which a phytosanitary certificate is required must be recorded in the Traces system. The importer or the forwarding agent representing the importer completes the CHED-PP (Common Health Entry Document for Plants, Plant Products and Plant propagating material) in the Traces System.

Please note that before starting any import operations, the company must see to it that it is duly registered with the plant health register (in Finnish) and EORI register. Instructions for EORI registration can be found from the Customs website. EORI registration is required before any customs declarations can be lodged.

How do I become a plant health Traces user?

See the instuctions at the website of the European Commission:

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Advice and guidance  

Here you can find answers to some of the most common questions about TracesNT system - Frequently Asked Questions about Plant Health Traces

If you have questions regarding the use of TracesNT system please contact plant inspectors at the Finnish Food Authority (contact information) or

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