Comparative risk assessment of cadmium

The study evaluated the exposure to cadmium of moose hunters and their families from the consumption of moose meat and offal. One of the goals of the study was to map how useful the findings and the information about the origin of samples gathered in Elvira’s own databases were for chemical risk assessment. At the same time, practices and methods of calculation were developed for the implementation of chemical risk assessment.

Research group

Kimmo Peltonen (Evira)
Liisa Vahteristo (EELA)
Tapani Lyytikäinen (Evira)
Mari Eskola (Evira)
Aldo Rizzo (Evira)
Erja Lindfors (Evira)
Eija-Riitta Venäläinen (Evira)
Raimo Pohjanvirta (Evira/University of Helsinki)

Project publications

Scientific publications and papers

Vahteristo, L., Lyytikäinen T., Venäläinen E.-R., Eskola M., Lindfors E., Pohjanvirta R., Maijala, R., 2003. Cadmium intake of moose hunters in Finland from consumption of moose meat, liver and kidney. Food Additives and Contaminants, 20, 453-463.

Other publications and papers

Vahteristo L., Määttä, J., Lyytikäinen, T. & Maijala R. 2002: Hirvi hirvestäjien ruokavaliossa [Moose in the diet of moose hunters] (In Finnish) Kotitalous, 2002, 5, pp. 34-36.