Organic tin compounds in the Baltic Sea fish and Finnish fresh water fish

The main goal of the project was to gain more information about the concentrations of OT compounds in Finland in both fresh and salt water, most important fish species that the Finnish people mainly consume. The intention was to measure the organic tin concentrations in fish both in Finnish background areas and suspected polluted areas, as harbours and industrial areas. The objectives was to study potential differences in the organotin accumulation pattern, interspecific differencies, levels in different fish from the same areas and age- and size-related intraspecific differencies. It was also meaning to show in gradient studies the gradual change in the organic tin concentrations in fish, when moving from contaminated sites to open sea. In this way it was possible to get an extensive general view of the extent of the OT problem in fish in Finland, and this information is useful for the authorities responsible for food and fisheries and environment both for national and EU level decision making. The final goal was to estimate dietary intake of organic tin compounds and re-evaluate dietary advice on fish consumption from 2004.

In corporation with

THL National Institute for Health and Welfare
RKTL Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute
SYKE Finnish Environment Institute

Time schedule

2008 - 2011