Overview of food flavourings

The project examined the main points related to the legislation pertaining to flood flavourings and their evaluation, approval, intake and safety of use. Flavourings are products that are not intended to be consumed as such, but which are added to food in order to modify the odour or taste. The project is part of a larger project that evaluates the consumers’ exposure to food improvement agents, i.e. flavouring substances and additives; enzymes are not included in the project for the time being.

Of the around 2,500 chemically defined flavouring substances that have been authorised in the EU, the flavouring substances that may have effects on human health were chosen for closer examination. In addition to flavouring substances, the project examined substances which  may not be added to foodstuffs as such but which may end up in food with the use spices, for example.

The project also examined the deficiencies in knowledge related to the use of flood flavourings and the adverse effects resulting from them. More information is needed about the incidence of certain flavourings and flavouring substances in foodstuffs and their intake with regard to high consumers and special groups in particular.


food, food flavouring, flavouring substance, food improvement agent


Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira

Project team

Senior Researcher Kimmo Suominen
Senior Researcher Johanna Suomi
Senior Researcher Tero Hirvonen
Senior Researcher Pirkko Tuominen

Project publications

Overview of food flavourings. Evira’s Research Reports 1/2018
Food Additives - Risk Profile. Evira’s Research Reports 2/2018

Further information about the project

Kimmo Suominen, Senior Researcher, Risk Assessment Unit