Risk profile of contaminants – national point of view

The maximum levels of contaminants in foodstuffs are controlled in legislation (EU No 1881/2006 and updates). In addition, the European Commission has given several recommendations for monitoring other contaminants.

Finnish Food Authority produces occurrence data of contaminants in foodstuffs. These data are mainly monitoring studies for national point of view (contaminants controlled in legislation) as well as other monitoring or research studies (contaminants whose levels in foodstuffs are not currently controlled in legislation).

The aim of this risk profile is to identify, which contaminants among those named in legislation or monitoring recommendations can be important in Finland. This prioritization of contaminants will be based on available data on the dietary exposure of consumers as well as on the toxicity (dose causing harmful health effect) of the contaminants. In addition, contaminants for which more national occurrence data is needed will be identified, and the lack of information in toxicological data available from these compounds will be mapped. Based on the collected data, the priority order for gathering new occurrence data of these contaminants is built.

The priority list of contaminants will be built in two stages. In the first stage, exposure levels of consumers reported in literature as well as data on the toxicity of the compounds and the seriousness of the health effect (for example skin irritation, cancer) will be used. In the second stage, this preliminary assessment will be adjusted with use of national data on contaminant concentrations and consumer exposure to the extent these data are available.


2017 - 2019



Project group

senior researcher Johanna Suomi
senior researcher Kimmo Suominen
senior researcher Tero Hirvonen
head of Risk Assessment Unit Pirkko Tuominen

More information

Johanna Suomi, senior researcher, Risk Assessment Research Unit