The levels of dioxins, furans, PCB, PBDE and PFOS compounds in Baltic fish, fish in Finnish lakes and farmed fish

The purpose of the study is to find out if there has been any change in the past decade in the content of dioxin, PCB and PBDE compounds in fish caught from the Baltic Sea and sold for use as human food. The study will also show how the content of environmental toxins in fish has developed in different areas. In addition, information on new environmental toxins will be produced. The EU requires that the consumers get updated information on the environmental toxins in fish and on the exposure estimations. The dietary advice on fish consumption will be updated if necessary. The results of the research can be utilised in 2011, when the maximum levels of dioxin in fish in the regulation on contaminants will be reviewed. They can also be used in environmental administration for the monitoring of environmental toxins and for other co-projects in different branches of administration, especially when producing information for international environmental agreements.

Research Group

Research Professor Anja Hallikainen
Head of Unit Hannu Kiviranta, THL
Senior Researcher Pekka Vuorinen, RKTL
Senior Researcher Jaakko Mannio, SYKE


2009 - 2011

Financed by

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry joint research financing