Notification of placing a food for specific group on the market

From the following foods for specific group a notification is required:

  1. Infant formulae
  2. Follow-on formulae in the following cases:
    1. it contains other substances than those listed in Annex II of the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/127 
    2. it is manufactured from protein hydrolysates
  3. Foods for special medical purposes 

When the above mentioned product is at put on the Finnish market  the manufacturer or the importer shall make a notification to the Finnish Food Authority.  

The notification can be made through the Finnish Food Authority's Electronic Service or by using a notification form and it shall be accompanied by a model of the label.

The Finnish Food Authority will confirm the reception of the notification of a food for specific group by an email or by a letter. As stipulated in the Food Act the food operator is responsible for the conformity of the product to the relevant legislation related to these products. 


Fee for notification

The fee for the reception of a notification of a infant formula and foods for special medical purposes use is charged according to the Decision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on the fees charged for the services produced by the Finnish Food Authority. More information of the fees.

Page last updated 5/17/2022