Foods for specific groups

Foods for specific groups include

  • infant formulae and follow on formulae
  • processed cereal-based foods and baby foods
  • dietary foods for special medical purposes
  • total diet replacement for weight management

Specific provisions have been laid down for these groups of foodstuffs, and these are described in more detail here for each group. In addition to product-specific regulations, foodstuffs as well as the food business operators responsible for them shall meet also the other requirements of the food legislation, such as:

  • The required notifications regarding start of business operation in the food sector have been submitted to the control authorities.
  • Manufacture and marketing complies with food legislation. Oiva reports make control information on food establishments public information.
  • The guidelines related to food establishments and plants are complied with in the operation in applicable parts.
  • The operator complies with their own in-house control plan in which all critical points with respect to food safety and food regulations as well as withdrawals are recorded.
  • Additives, flavourings and enzymes (in Finnish, in Swedish) are used in compliance with legislation.
  • Genetically modified ingredients (GM) are only used in compliance with legislation.
  • The products do not contain unauthorised novel foods.
  • The products do not contain contaminants in amounts that cause health hazards.
  • General labelling information is provided in compliance with the Food Information Regulation.
  • Only authorised nutrition and health claims are used in marketing (in Finnish, in Swedish).
  • Packaging materials and other food contact materials are used correctly.
  • The products and the raw materials used in manufacture are traceable (in Finnish).
Page last updated 12/21/2023