Service numbers and e-mail addresses

Please note that regular, unprotected e-mail is not secure. Send confidential or otherwise sensitive documents to the Finnish Food Authority in the security message service (Turvaviesti). You can also send large file attachments in Turvaviesti.

General e-mail addresses (official communications) (enquiries pertaining to the Food Authority)

Aid and financing

Food poisoning or other feedback on food

Give feedback or ask about food

Food hygiene – food business operators and inspectors

Unfortunately, we cannot respond personally to messages from individual consumers. The municipal food control authorities respond to consumer questions related to food control, the safe use of foodstuffs and suspected food poisoning. Contact municipal food control authorities

Hygiene passport
direct number 029 5300 402 (Tuesday 9 am–12 noon)

Issues related to ATP-transports

Food recalls


Contact information for import

Imports and exports of pets and horses

The EU countries, Norway and Switzerland
customer service number 029 530 0401 (Monday to Wednesday 9 am - 11 am)

Countries outside the EU (commercially imported animals when more than 5 or who travel unescorted) (animals who are accompanied by the traveller or non-commercially imported animals, or the number of animals is less than 6) (export of pets) (export of horses)

Commercial exports to countries outside the EU

Imports of food and products of animal origin (import from EU countries)

Enquiries about rabies (Only advice, results of the tests for rabies antibodies are sent per mail only)

Veterinarians can call the following number to enquire about tests for rabies antibodies:
029 530 0400 (via the switchboard, Monday to Friday 12 am–2 pm)

Animal registers


Sheep and goat register`s customer service number 09 85 666 002 
Swine register`s customer service number 09 85 666 003 

By-products of animal origin


Plant health

Forest reproductive material

Kari Leinonen, Senior Officer,,  040 542 2493
Harri Leinonen, Inspector,, 050 366 8581

Organic products

Plant production:
Animal production:


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